Shawn "Goose" Goosefellow

The pilot of the Double-S


Strength d6
Agility d8
Vitality d6
Alertness d10
Intelligence d8
Willpower d4




Goose was born into a extremely wealthy family on one of the core planets. Because of the silver spoon he was born with he decided school was not something he needed to do. Instead he spent his school days racing hover crafts with friends. When he was 16 he was involved in a devastating accident involving multiple crafts and a handful of deaths. Thanks to his piloting skills, he was able to walk away from the crash with only a severely injured eye, which later had to be removed.

The details of the accident are sketchy at best and were mostly covered up by authorities too avoid creating to much discomfort in their false “paradise.” On top of that Goose doesn’t like to talk about the incident, and rarely does he talk about his life between it and meeting Garth.

Ten years later Garth is challenged to a race by a rival captain. The prize: A job offer from a respectable land owner on a border planet. Garth found out the name of the rival captain’s pilot, Shawn Goosefellow, and after doing some digging in the cortex and through his own set of channels, Garth decided to just hire that pilot AND do the job without telling the other captain anything. Garth’s decision was based on two things; According to his contacts, Goose was a savant when it came to anything that could be steered, and, perhaps more importantly, Garth didn’t currently have a pilot.

Goose was more than happy to take the job due to the amazing capabilities of a firefly class vessel and the fact that he didn’t feel his skills were appreciated on his last vessel. Even though he wouldn’t call any of the Double-S crew his friends, he finds more comfort behind the wheel of the ship than he’s ever felt in the past. Goose is sticking around for as long as the crew puts up with him. Although Astor’s opinion doesn’t count for beans.

Shawn "Goose" Goosefellow

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