Aster Fitzpatrick

The young, quirky mechanic and tech expert who came with the ship.


Strength: d4
Agility: d8
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d4
Intelligence: d12 (d12 + d4 for engineering, navigation, and mathematics) (d12 + d2 for knowledge-based rolls)
Willpower: d8

Derived Attributes
Life points: 14
Initiative: 12
Endurance: 14
Resistance: 16

Skills and Specialties
Covert: d6
– Disable Devices: d10
Mechanical Engineering: d6 (d10)
– Mechanical Repairs: d12 (d12 + d4)
– Create Mechanical Devices: d10 (d12 + d2)
– Machinery Maintenance: d8 (d12)
Technical Engineering: d6 (d10)
– Hacking: d10 (d12 + d2)
– Electronics: d10 (d12 + d2)
– Technical Security Systems: d8 (d12)
– Create/Alter Technical Devices: d10 (d12 + d2)
Unarmed Combat: d6

Mechanical Empathy – Minor
– +2 step skill bonus to Mechanical Engineering; spend plot points to know what is wrong with the ship

Talented – Major
– +2 step skill bonus to Technical Engineering; each progression to a higher die costs 2 points less than normal

Total Recall – Major
– +2 step skill bonus to any action in which your trait may come in handy

Math Whiz – Minor
– +2 step attribute bonus to intelligence for engineering, navigation, or accounting

Highly Educated – Minor
– +1 step attribute bonus to intelligence for knowledge-based skill roles

Leaky Brainpan – Major
– -4 step skill penalty to influence-based social interactions

Deadly Enemy – Minor
– You have a deadly enemy who is constantly after you

Memorable – Minor
– Others gain a +2 step alertness attribute bonus trying to spot/recognize you

Straight Shooter – Minor
– -2 step skill penalty to influence-based social actions when trying to lie

Easy Mark – Major
– -4 step mental attribute penalty when trying to distinguish truth from lies

Phobia – Minor
– -2 step attribute penalty on all actions when exposed to men in black suits

453.8 Credits
Ship-linked handset
Cutting torch
Tool set, Mechanic’s
Tool set, Technician’s
500 gold coins
Garth’s hat

Plot Points:

Advancement Points:


Aster was found aboard the Double-S shortly after her new captain bought it. He doesn’t know where she came from, and she either doesn’t care to tell or doesn’t know herself. Beyond that, very little is known of the girl’s past.

What the crew has discovered in the short time they have known Aster is that she is rather… odd, to put it kindly. She sleeps in a pile of blankets in the engine room, cannot abide people touching her belongings, and she maintains that the ship is hers, rather than the captain’s. Most of the crew either try to stay out of her way, or treat her as something of a pet.

Aster Fitzpatrick

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