Crew of the Double-S

Episode 3: I Left My Heart on Cydonia

Ghosts of the past speak to those living

The crew got back on their feet after the stress of the last job, and what better way to recover than with more work? Whicker told the crew of a smuggling ring being moved through Cydonia, and he wanted them to negotiate with the local gang to take over the route and give the supplies to him. Whicker teold the crew that he needed the supplies to help bolster his forces so he could undermine some of the Syndicate’s territory.

On their way to the job, the crew was contacted by Cao-Than, currently in hiding after his bout with Lord Azrael. He wanted the crew to divert the supplies to his Tong so he can use it to help people. The choice was, ultimately, up to the crew.

Lars showed much worry over going to Cydonia, and flat out refused to leave the ship once they got their. When asked by Garth what the matter was, Lars didn’t respond.

Thanks to Shawn’s excellent piloting skills, the crew made it to Cydonia a day ahead of schedule. Seeing as how the meeting wasn’t until the following day, Garth let them relax and explore the town while he and Sander went drinking and talking. The town, Bandera, was quaint; containing many small shops and saloons. Plenty of places to get into trouble in.

Shawn and Aster managed to find themselves wrapped up in a mystery regarding stolen goods, a homeless veteran, and a whole mess of kittens. They each managed to get some cool stuff out of the ordeal, like a deerstalker cap and pipe for Shawn, and a self-built speeder for Aster, so that was nice.

Squash and Edith were begged by a man to help his brother, who had fallen ill and was spouting nonsense. The two were taken to the man’s house, and Edith began diagnosing the patient while Squash tried to convert the family. Edith managed to find the source of the ailment: a cybernetic implant that the brother had bought on a core world. It had been making him crazy, so Edith had to do some emergency brain surgery to fix the problem.

After, Squash was approached by a man in an alleyway, selling “peaches.” One bite, and Squash was lost in his on world of hallucinations and crazy, and Sander had to track him down and subdue him. Wasn’t a pretty sight.

Meanwhile, Lars say aboard the ship, wallowing in some sort of sadness. Suddenly, he saw a figure that he recognized walk around a street corner, so he decided to investigate. Putting on a disguise, he followed the figure, only able to catch glimpses of it as it passed around corners. Eventually it led him to a meadow, where it confronted him.

Garth found Lars kneeling next to a grave surrounded by white roses. He asked him again about why Lars didn’t want to come here, but didn’t push too hard and the two went back to the ship.

The day of relaxation turned into one of chaos and silliness, and Edith even got herself a kitten after Shawn and Aster didn’t want one. There’s no knowing what the next day may bring…



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