Crew of the Double-S

Episode 2: Basket Case

A crybaby and a cold-blooded killer

The crew sailed to the Skyplex of Whicker: former Syndicate member and sometimes ally to Cao-Than’s Tong. Because of Cao-Than’s recommendation, he gives the crew a job to rescue one of his men on the small border planet of Heracles. Garth, having to go on a separate mission, sends the crew to the planet by themselves, leaving Lars Borg in charge of the ship.

Upon encountering the Heracles Port Authority, Aster and Shawn had to do some quick bluffing and hacking to be able to land on the planet. Fooling the Authority, the crew managed to land on the sad, grey planet and quickly learned that the man they were supposed to pick up was being held at the local jail. After breaking the man, Tristan Qu, out of prison, the crew was chased and attacked by men in black suits. Shawn managed to pick the rest of the group up in the Double-S and they left Heracles.

Meanwhile, Garth entered a bar looking for his new security officer. He found him on the ground, with a rather large man with a sword above him. One sword fight later, and Garth hired the man on the spot.

The crew, suffering from various injuries (and drugs, in Aster’s case), begin to recover aboard the Double-S on their way to Whicker’s Skyplex. Still a ways off, they ask Tristan about what information he was carrying. It turns out that a man by the name of Lord Azrael had been gathering information since the Unification War. Tristan learned of a certain Dr. Lan being kidnapped by Browncoats, who was an expert in the field of cybernetics and ergonomic-biology. An Alliance ship tracked the Browncoats to Verbena’s orbit, where they sent a boarding party to rescue the scientist. They ship lost contact with the boarding team, and only two returned before the ship began burning up in the planet’s atmosphere. The doctor was dead, and one of the boarding members became a despondent drunk after the incident, living on Heracles and relaying the information to Tristan.

After a while, the ship tried to change course, but Shawn managed to right it. However, he was knocked unconscious as the ship was boarded by more men in black suits. The crew fights back, but are ultimately captured and tied up by the enemy. They were then met with a young man in wraps and brandishing a sword. He ordered for Tristan and Aster to be taken to his ship, and to kill the rest. However, the crew managed to get loose and fight back, holding off the men long enough for Garth and the new guy to arrive and help. The young man escaped, and the crew made it to the skyplex.

During their talks with Whicker, Lord Azrael called them directly from aboard Cao-Than’s ship, which had been ransacked by the looks of it. Azrael invited Whicker and the crew to a game of poker at some point. Next to him was the young man, who looked like he was beaten by someone…



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