Crew of the Double-S

Episode 1: The Bank Heist

The Crew's first mission

“You are the crew of the Double-S. You have been working together for only a few months now, completing small jobs here and there; some legal, some not so much. You know each other enough to work with them, but none of you are really on any personal friendship basis yet. Today, however, will be your true test in your trust of one another along with your skills, for today you rob a bank. Things seem fairly simple: the ground team enters the bank, demands the cash, takes it to the roof-top, and is scooped up by the Double-S for a quick getaway. This is one of the wealthiest towns in the sector, so don’t feel too bad about hitting this one, and your employer promises that the resulting plunder will go to good use. Besides, your crew gets to keep a third of what you take!

Captain Garth impatiently taps his left hand on the pommel of his sword, his palm resting on the simple yet expensive-looking handle. He grunts once before stepping off of the freshly landed Double-S, along with the rest of the ground team. You landed on the other side of a hill near the town, and it takes a little while to cross over it. Once you get to the peak, to can see the entire town in all its dusty glory. It’s a typical rim-world town: complete with saloon, general goods store, and your mark – the Demeter bank. Garth reminds everyone that you’re only here for the bank, so stay focused on the job at hand. There will be plenty of time to get drunk and peruse goods when you’re all rich."

Things went simple enough for the Crew: shots exchanged, security systems hacked, and goods brought to the roof. There was one thing, though; something that only one member of the crew saw…
Two men in suits, watching the crew escape.

As the crew escaped off-planet, they decided to take a look at their spoils. Opening the cases, they found something they weren’t expecting: loads of canned food and grains. The place that they robbed was a food bank for the wealthy. Needless to say, Cao-Than was given a few choice words upon their meeting…



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